History Repeating Itself…

In the last few days, my parents have happily and with much excitement moved house. The move was triggered by the need for options and opportunities. The small town we live in unfortunately does not provide options for employment, especially when some business owners won ‘t give people a go and choose to listen to small town “talk” instead. It’s disappointing that the place where my grandfather chose to work and raise his four children many years ago, and the place where my father chose to work damn hard and raise all five of his children, and the place where I had hoped to raise my children someday has suddenly become a place where my parents no longer wish to call “home”. It makes me feel isolated knowing that I am left it this town, alone, in the town that caused my parents so much heartache.

I am pleased for them however. Happiness is evident in their faces again. They seem relaxed and more carefree. Not worrying. Not stressing. Not killing themselves with negativity. Just happy. They have had a stressful year, and it was beginning to impact on their health. The move was what they needed.

It has hit me though. No longer will I be able to just drop in and see them whenever I feel. I guess I also feel guilty. Guilty in the fact that I didn’t just drop in and see them more often, when they still lived in the same town as me.

Tuesday was moving day. Troy and I helped them lift and load boxes and furniture onto the removalist truck, on what seemed like the hottest day ever!! It got to 40 degrees celcius that day. The middle of a heat wave. No wonder we were sweating like pigs! The whole contents of their life which had been greatly diminished due to the floods last year, packed away on the back of a truck. Headed to a new town, for a new start.

As we drove away I realised something. In January 2013 we were helping them clean up after a devastating flood. How ironic that in January 2014 we were also helping them shift stuff but this time on a more positive note to help them move house. February 2013 we were pregnant with our first baby, now our angel. What are the chances of us being pregnant again in February 2014? Could this be history repeating itself? We start our second round of IVF at the end of January. So the possibility is very well there. I will hold onto this hope.


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