Once again, I am Waiting


Once again, I am waiting.

I spend a lot of my life waiting. Waiting for CD 14, which means ovulation day. Waiting out that dreaded 2 week wait, when you get to find out if this is the lucky month or not.

But this time, I’m waiting for a different reason. Actually waiting for AF to start. Usually I’d be hoping AF wouldn’t arrive. But this month is different.

I want AF to arrive as that will mean the start of a new IVF cycle. I feel positive about this one. We’ve had our mucked up trial run, so I’m ready to start this one, the real deal.

I’m already 2 days overdue, but I did ovulate a week later than usual, so technically I mightn’t see her until next week. And I’m definitely not pregnant, even though we did give it one last try naturally before the next ART cycle. I’ve been getting my usual symptoms that she’s on her way. Come on AF! Just hurry up and come!


2 thoughts on “Once again, I am Waiting

  1. mevsinfertility

    Isn’t it interesting the way things change depending on circumstance? In my early twenties I would breathe a sigh of relief at the first sign of cramps because it meant I wasn’t pregnant. As infertility has dragged on, cramps made me feel deflated and brought tears to my eyes, because they meant yet another unsuccessful month of TTC. And I felt the same way you do now at the beginning of January when I was waiting for my cycle to start so that I could begin my first fresh IVF. I hope your second round goes better for you!!! I look forward to following you on your journey.

    1. danielle284 Post author

      Thank you for your well wishes. I’m still waiting, but all is good. It is funny how our desires do change given the circumstances. Thanks for following my journey!


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