The Road Less Travelled


7,260km’s or 90hrs or 4 days (non-stop) is the amount of driving we’ve done so far to Brisbane, since August 2013,to see our fertility specialist. Wow! That’s equivalent of a return trip from our home town to Kununurra in Western Australia. And that’s not including today’s trip, plus the many we’ll do in the next few weeks with our second IVF cycle. Last cycle we only had one trip to do between starting injections to egg pick up, but this time the trips will be more frequent, as my doctor is monitoring my response to the hormones more closely this time.

I should also mention that most of these trips occur at ‘stupid o’clock’. By stupid o’clock I don’t mean 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning either. I mean, at 2:30 in the morning! Yes, ‘stupid o’clock’. Our doctor only sees his IVF girls between 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning, because after this time he schedules time to see his general fertility and gynaecology patients, and then after that he’s off to the hospital to do surgeries. So it means we have to leave home early to be there nice and early for this limited window of time.

The things we see at that time of the morning are interesting. The same house with their lights on at 2:30am, to passing the same cars each trip. Generally we don’t pass too many other cars, but some days are different, with today being one of them. Being a public holiday we thought we’d see very few. In our first 20 minutes of driving, we passed 3. A record! More than usual! We often wonder what people are doing driving country roads at that time of the morning and if they’re as silly as us. I probably shouldn’t say that we’re silly, just extremely committed and devoted to why we’re doing this in the first place.

We’ve set many records too. To see if we can beat our best run (not by speeding, but dependent on city traffic). Three and a half hours was our best run. Another record being, how far we can get before the sun comes up (which of course is dependent on sunrise times). It’s usually around 5am, but we noticed it was a bit later today as the days begin to get shorter as Summer winds down, and Autumn approaches. Before we know it, we’ll have the cold, frosty mornings to contend with again too!

We’ve seen some interesting occurrences by driving at that time too. Obstacles on the road. That being a camping chair and deer! Usually it’s rabbits and kangaroos. They are on the obstacles list too, but camp chairs and deer have been by far the most “out there”. One morning we even thought we saw a UFO landing in a farmers paddock. But it was just the lights of his big irrigator. I never knew those things had lights or that they could turn themselves on and off like that!

The most beautiful occurrence we get to witness by travelling at that time of the morning, is seeing that big, red ball of gas rise over the rolling hills. The most reassuring occurrence, is driving past Rose Creek and Rose Street each time (Rose is my surname to-be). It’s almost a little sign that this road is the road we’re meant to travel.

There are many advantages if travelling at this time. Including:
1) The weather is cooler
2) Less traffic
3) Early arrival at your destination, which means you can also arrive home earlier

But there is one main disadvantage… SLEEP deprivation!!! In the last 24hrs, we’ve had 4 hours sleep! I should add, travel expenses (fuel, food), and loss of a days income is also another hidden disadvantage of the frequent trips.

While it’s hard living in a regional area and having to take time from work to travel copious kilometers and lose sleep, not a day goes by where we regret it. Holding that precious little one in our arms continues to be our incentive, and we’d make any commitment and sacrifice to get that dream. Even if it means loosing a few hours of shut eye, spending some dollars and travelling halfway around the world…


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