Caught out…

We’ve been caught out again. On Friday our first scan revealed up to 10 follicles and we were told to come back on Monday for another scan to check on growth. We weren’t prepared and had to drive all the way home and back again Monday (330 kms each way) as we had no personal items to just stay the weekend for Monday’s appointment. More time on that road less travelled!

Well here we are again. It’s Monday, we’ve been in for another scan this morning and once again, we have been caught out! We were told on Friday our projected egg pick up date would be Friday. Well guess what? This morning my scan revealed that the follicles have grown quicker than thought, and egg pick up is going to be on Wednesday now. Which means another dash back home to get personal items ready to stay in Brisbane for up to a week (for egg pick up and transfer), as well as sending our 4 legged baby to vacation care (aka. time at the Grandparents acreage playing silly buggers with their hooch). That now means a total of 9,200 kms travelled by car in this quest so far. Equivalent of a trip from our home town to Greenland!!

Some follicles are ready and I just hope the others will catch up in time for egg pick up. One more injection tonight (trigger shot) and I’ll be needle free again. Yahoo!!! They have really affected me this time, so being needle free is a godsend! Talk about appreciate the small things. Not sure how diabetics and even druggies (dare I say it) cope with the constant needles. Then it’ll just be another Acupunture treatment tomorrow before egg pick up, and despite feeling like we’ve travelled all over the countryside (quite literally), we’ll be well on our way and ready to hopefully harvest some nice healthy eggs on Wednesday!!


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