Today is THE day

Today is THE day. The day where the unknown begins…

The moment I walk into that operating theatre and jump up onto the operating table, it is unknown just how many mature eggs we will get. Some may be too immature, some may be too mature. Are all 8/10 follicles I have each filled with an egg, or maybe just some?

Then, once I wake up in recovery, with abdominal cramps after having the follicles aspirated through a fine needle, and that terrible taste of anaesthetic fresh in my mouth, accompanied with a sore throat, it will still be unknown how many eggs we have, as my doctor is the only one who doesn’t follow the tradition of writing the number on your hand. I will have to ask the nurse and wait for her to check and come back with the news.

The unknown will continue as we wait overnight to see whether the eggs will fertilise. Maybe they all will, maybe some will, maybe none will (like last time).

Then the gruelling wait to see whether any have survived until Day 3, for transfer, back into my uterus, that so badly wants a little embryo residing in there again. And the unknown of whether we will have any healthy strong embryos to freeze, in case this one isn’t successful. I am hoping like crazy that we get to the transfer stage this time.

But wait, the unknown will continue, throughout what is called the 2 week wait. Will our embryo implant into my endometrial lining or not? There’s only 2 options here. If it doesn’t implant, the unknown of “where to next” will rear it’s ugly head, if it does implant, the unknown of whether it will be a viable pregnancy or not will surface.

I was feeling relaxed and calm in the lead up to egg pick up, but after a crazy night sleep dreaming about it all, I am so anxious about all of these unknowns. What will be will be though. Something I have no control over. My egg pick up is scheduled for 12pm, and I will update you all once I am feeling up to it. Wish us luck!


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