Fertilisation Results…


At 10am today, I made that phone call to Dr M’s rooms, to receive our fertilisation results from yesterday’s egg pick up. I was filled with emotions. I didn’t know whether to feel optimistic and excited, or pessimistic and nervous. The last time I made this phone call it was a dreaded one. It sent my emotions into turmoil for weeks, after our 1 lonely egg never fertilised because it was too immature. It left me feeling worthless, and once again, like my body had failed me.

So at exactly 2 minutes past 10, I dialled the number, with Troy right beside me. Dr M’s receptionist answered. She is just lovely, and was the one to break the negative news to me last time. This time, she said that she had good news! It was so relieving to hear her say that. I didn’t really care at that stage how many had fertilised, it just felt so good to hear that the news was good (for once)!

From the 10 eggs, 5 were mature. From the 5 others, 2 were too immature to do anything with, but 3 were what the scientist called GV eggs, and were left longer to see if they would mature further and thus fertilise. And 1 of those did! So we ended up with 6 fertilised eggs! Unfortunately, the scientists had to use ICSI, where the sperm is injected into the egg via a needle. This was because Troy ‘s sperm count and motility was low. This came as a surprise, as the initial sperm analysis he had done when we first started fertility treatment indicated that his sperm were fine and Dr M said we wouldn’t need to use ICSI. No doubt, this will be something to query Dr M about if a future cycle is needed.

So today I am preparing for embryo transfer, as tomorrow morning we are off to the hospital for our very FIRST embryo transfer! It feels so good to make it this far! I had a pre-transfer Acupunture treatment this afternoon, and will do another shortly after transfer in the morning. Once again, I fell asleep on the table in pure relaxation!

Now we can only hope we will have some embryos to put away on ice!! Keep dividing little cells!


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