Embryo on Board!


Today we have an embryo on board! Maybe I should start a business and market those signs for cars, like the ones that say “Baby on Board” but instead advertise having an “Embryo on Board”. Imagine the looks you’d get!

One 2 cell embryo was transferred at 9:30 this morning. Dr M seemed pretty pleased with the transfer, exclaiming in excitement… “Look at that transfer, no blood at all on the catheter”. Far out! Talk about a big ego over sticking a catheter inside me!! But it is relieving to hear him boasting about it. Hopefully our embryo is nice and snug in there, will continue to grow and implant in my uterus in the coming weeks. The good news is, Dr M also sounded confident that we’ll have some embryos to freeze.

Now the long 2 week wait begins to see if this cycle is successful or not. We will of course be over the moon if it is successful. It turns out to be exactly a year since we were pregnant with our angel. So the timing would be a blessing. But if it’s not successful, I’ll still be happy. As we finally have discovered the IVF protocol that is right for me.


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