A Dream of Rainbows


After a miscarriage, the term “rainbow baby” is used to describe a baby that is conceived and is thus born following a loss.

In the real world, beautiful, bright, colourful rainbows usually follow a storm. The storm being the loss. The rainbow is said to give hope to those parents who have experienced loss, that their days will soon be bright and colourful, ideally with a new pregnancy.

After our first miscarriage in April last year, I had the magical experience of seeing the most beautiful rainbow on my way home from work. I instantly knew it was our first angel, giving us a little sign from above, that we would be okay- eventually. Offering us some hope at a time we very much needed it. And it was comforting.

And that magical experience happened again today too, on my way home from work. I saw another beautiful rainbow. Another sign from our second angel, that we will be okay. This sign came with good timing. I needed it. The spotting began today, indicating a very close second miscarriage.

While I wish our second miracle baby could stay with us for longer, I must look towards these beautiful rainbows our angels are sending and carry on, hoping. Hoping that one day, our dream will become a reality. So for now, I will keep dreaming of rainbows. Beautiful, bright, colourful rainbows.



6 thoughts on “A Dream of Rainbows

  1. Priscilla

    it is so hard to stay positive when these things happen but good for you for seeing the beauty in a rainbow during such a sad time. Keep your chin up and keep trying. My thoughts are with you.


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