What It Feels Like To Be A Mum


This week I have learnt what it feels like to be a Mum… A Mum to a fur baby.

We got a new kitten. She was born from a stray cat at school, and I couldn’t help but rescue her and give her a loving home. Her name is Jezabelle. She is about 6 weeks old and has been a wonderful distraction from our recent loss.

This week however has been filled with emotions as we have faced many ups and downs with rearing our new fur baby, which I am sure are the same emotions a new mother would feel bringing her baby into the world. Something I hope to experience someday. Being a Mum to a real, live baby. Not just a kitten!

When we first got our kitten last weekend, I was utterly in love. My new baby was the most adorable affectionate ball of fluff that loved to smooch my neck and climb up onto my shoulder for cuddles. Those first few days of owning our baby, I felt extreme feelings of love, attachment, and wonderment as we watched it intently all night long.

But it was not meant to be. It turned out we had got the wrong kitten. She was instead a he. We wanted a female as our other fur babies are females and we find them much cleaner. I felt devastated. How could I give this bundle of joy up to swap him for a female? My heart felt crushed. What mother swaps her baby because it is not the right sex? How could I do this? Was I being selfish and only thinking of myself? Needless to say, we did end up swapping for the female, and my little boy found a new home with another family. My heart broke watching him go home with someone else. My baby was gone, but now I had another baby. Jezabelle.

So once again, I was faced with euphoria as I took my new baby home. She was just like her brother. So cute and affectionate. But all was not well. My poor little baby was sick. We bathed her. Being stray, she had fleas and ring worms. She also had mucous coming from her nose, she was shivering , sneezing, and couldn’t breathe well. So now we were faced with worry and uncertainty as to whether she would make it through the night. We watched over her for as long as we could until we couldn’t bare it any more and needed some sleep ourselves. We felt so helpless in not being able to make her feel better.

The next day she was a little bit better, not sneezing as much, but still sick and snuffling. Our poor baby. Off to the vet we went. The cat flu was her diagnosis. Some antibiotics have now cured her flu and she is on the mend, running around, terrorising our house and being so cute snuggling my neck.

And just like many new Mothers, I too have felt frustration. Frustration at the little accidents she keeps leaving despite having a litter box. But I don’t stay frustrated for long, as her cuddles are so special.

How much I love our new baby, and being a fur-Mum. It certainly is making me long for the privilege of being a real Mum.


4 thoughts on “What It Feels Like To Be A Mum

  1. MrsPearce

    Oh Danielle, she sounds gorgeous. I love my fur babies so much, it is such a delight to come home from a long day and they are excited to see me. I’m also super jealous as our cats were older kittens. I would love to see more pictures. I hope your body is healing well too. Thinking of you xx

    1. danielle284 Post author

      Thanks Annika. We love her more and more each day. It is really hard being away from her at the moment (we are away on holidays). We are missing her like crazy! I will post some more pictures soon. She has grown so much already!


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