What my infertility is not


Today I was faced with yet another unthoughtful, unjustifiable comment from a colleague as to why infertility is such a problem in society. Her comment has been bugging me all day and I just need to get it off my chest. The comment goes like this…

“Infertility is a result of lifestyle and dietary choices”.

If infertility was a result of lifestyle and food choices, I’d be ten times pregnant by now!

Over the course of our 2 year journey to have a baby, there is not one natural therapy, lifestyle or dietary choice we have not tried.

The weekly Acupunture treatments, the disgusting herbs from my naturopath that are consumed religiously. The 10 vitamins I take at breakfast and dinner in the hope of improving our eggs and sperm cells which will hopefully in turn create a healthy embryo. The meals full of vegetables and nutrition. The low GI, dairy free and red meat free meals which help reduce endo (as suggested by my naturopath). Not drinking coffee but instead herbal teas which help build a nice uterine lining and fill my body with antioxidants which help improve fertility. Eating certain foods at particular stages of my menstrual cycle to improve my blood deficiency, improve my Qi energy and therefore assist an embryo to implant. Avoiding soy products in all foods as they impact on oestrogen. Choosing to limit alcohol consumption to limit the risks of my endo becoming exacerbated, inflamed and growing back. Never smoking at all in my entire life, and avoiding passive smoking at all costs. Avoiding chemicals and environmental exposure to toxins like smoke and fumes. Not using plastics to reheat food at the chemicals are detrimental to fertility. The list goes on.

While I know her comment was not directed at me, I know she was stupidly referring to many other infertile couples who unfortunately have to travel the same tumultuous path as us.

No, the apparent increase in infertility is not caused by poor lifestyle choices or dietary choices. If you are genuinely infertile, there is not one lifestyle choice or dietary choice you would try in the hope of achieving that muchly dreamed about and wanted baby. You try everything.

I wish the answer to why infertility seems to be on the rise was as simple as this comment. For that would mean this crazy roller coaster ride would not be necessary, there would be answers, my infertility could be rectified and we’d have a baby in our arms.


6 thoughts on “What my infertility is not

  1. mevsinfertility

    As someone who has unexplained infertility I completely relate to this, and I’ve heard the comments many times. Yes, we try everything. And since we don’t know what is wrong, we think everything and anything could be the cause. It’s maddening . I love the picture you posted. So true!

  2. MrsPearce

    How insensitive, clearly that person has never had trouble TTC. The most hurtful comments always come from the most ignorant of people. Hugs for you Mumma xx

  3. My Journey

    I will be the first to admit that I don’t always eat healthy. I mean, I did have a mocha and monster cookie for breakfast, but this is not an everyday thing. Regardless though, I can’t be the worst eater out there, of the millions who are able to get pregnant without assistance. So yes, I completely understand where you are coming from!


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