A Ray of Sunshine and Hope at Currimundi


The Beach…. Possibly my most favourite place to relax and unwind. No sorry… I lie. It IS my most favourite place to relax and unwind! There is nothing like the sound of the waves crashing, and the glorious warmth of the sunshine soaking your body with happiness and warmth. We have been enjoying some time at the beach since Monday and will spend the rest of the week here. Muchly needed after another hectic term at work. We decided a beach getaway was needed after our second miscarriage and second unsuccessful IVF cycle. Time to unwind, time to refocus, time together.

Today the sun was certainly shining on us and brought us some hope! Our follow up appointment today with our FS brought some positive news! After transferring our last embryo in our second fresh IVF cycle, we had been told from the scientists that none of the other five embryos were healthy enough to freeze and thus would be allowed to succumb. So here we were sitting at our FS’s desk discussing what went wrong with the last cycle, and he hits us up. “So where are you in your cycle at the moment? Would you like to do a frozen cycle?” Dumbfounded, I felt like jumping across the desk and punching him in the face. Like come on…  read our chart properly. What are you talking about? We have none frozen! Little to our knowledge, we did! His paperwork from the scientists state that we currently have one little embryo on ice! What a miracle in itself! How on earth does this happen? So we were faced with the question whether we’d like to do a frozen cycle this cycle given that my periods also started today!

As much as I wanted to ecstatically say YES, unfortunately, we have decided to wait a little longer. A visit to my acupuncturist today has revealed that as a result of the lethal mix of the miscarriage and IVF drugs, by hormones and cycle is very disturbed at the moment. I need to focus on warming my blood in order for my body to be able to hold a successful pregnancy. My acupuncturist was worried that if I was to do a FET soon, it would all be a waste. So we have decided to take her advice on board and wait a few more months before we do the FET. What’s another few months in the scheme of things anyway? We were anticipating and had already planned to wait until September to do a brand new fresh cycle, so waiting until June to do a FET will be easy! I can do that! So I will pump my body full of Chinese herbs in the hope of rectifying my problems before the FET in June. Bring it on! I am so grateful for this additional opportunity. I feel like this is a little sign. Our embryo is a miracle in itself, lets hope it brings a miracle pregnancy!

Another high on the rollercoaster ride of infertility! I much prefer it up here than being down low though!


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