This Week…

20140615-195425-71665870.jpgThis week will be the week of our FET, provided the thaw goes perfectly.
I had a blood test on Friday to monitor ovulation, and was called back by my doctor to have another on Saturday (which meant a surprise overnight stay in Brisbane, with no belongings). Both tests were negative. But this morning’s OPK was definitely positive, so hoping my third blood test tomorrow detects that I’ve ovulated. I don’t really want another unnecessary car trip for another blood test and hoping that I won’t need another one on Tuesday. The joys of living in a regional area mean that any blood tests or scans needed throughout our cycle require us to travel, either a 300km round trip to Bundaberg or a 800km round trip to Brisbane depending on what is required. So, on top of driving 120km’s to work everyday, I’m definitely over travelling this week. But it’s just one of those things we have to do, it certainly does make our treatment harder. But we’d do whatever it takes. The positive OPK locks in the FET definitely for this week, transfer will either be on Wednesday or Friday depending. And hopefully this will be the last time we have to dedicate ourselves to the extensive road tripping and lengths of time stuck in a car! I’m continuing to pray to God, please let our little embryo thaw perfectly!


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