Things to NOT say to someone who is Fertility Challenged

Banging Head Against A Brick WallSo today I went to have bloods done once again, something which many who travel the infertility rollercoaster with me know that it is noting out of the ordinary.

And what words should come out of the woman’s mouth who was administering the blood test?

“Have you ever had a blood test before?”

Like come on! I know the woman had no idea why I was getting the blood test and that it was for fertility reasons, but I felt like banging my head against a brick wall when she said it! If she looked hard enough, she would have noticed the two bruises on the SAME arm, from my blood tests on Friday and Saturday. 3 blood tests in 4 days!

What silly things have you ever had said to you that have left you feeling frustrated apart from the usual things like “just relax” or “stop thinking about it and it’ll happen”?

On another note, I won’t get my results until tomorrow, but I am hoping that I have ovulated, which will lock in the definite day for our FET this week.


10 thoughts on “Things to NOT say to someone who is Fertility Challenged

  1. Maverick In Vertigo

    Before I was out about our IF, a friend pin mine would look at me every time his kids would misbehave and say “and you want kids…” I couldn’t ever think of anything to say back except “yup…”

  2. pikachu4you

    I’ve gotten so flustered over “when your time is right, it will happen” I just wanted to scream back jerk! What does that even mean? How are you saying my time isn’t right. But I kept my cool.

  3. Jill B

    That would annoy me as well. There really isn’t a day – since we started fertility treatments – that I don’t look down at the crick in my arm and see needle bruises there. Yah . . . we’re used to being jabbed on soooo many levels.

  4. MrsPearce

    When I did finally fall pregnant with a sticky bean I told a friend and work colleague who said “I told you it would happen when it was supposed to happen”. Um NO! I had to have surgery to get rid of the problem in order to fall pregnant. And what, those four previous tiny bubs we conceived but who didn’t stick, that was just “fate” and it wasn’t “the right time”? Bull shit! Still makes me so angry that people assume because I am only 23 that I can’t have fertility problems, or if I did it was called “inpatients”. Gah!

    1. danielle284 Post author

      Hi Annika,
      If only people had more idea! I’m sorry you have been exposed to the stupid comments by stupid people too. If only it was caused by impatience- I think all of us know patience after waiting all this time.


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