My Dear Grandma


Dear Grandma,
I’m sorry I never got to say good-bye to you. I wish I had’ve got the chance to see you before your passing. I’m glad you no longer have to suffer and can be at peace looking down on us. I hope I’ve made you proud, but I wish you could stay to meet my children one day.

Today is bittersweet. We got confirmation that our FET will be on Friday, and almost an hour later found out that my Grandmother passed away. I feel guilty, I never got to see her. In the complete chaos of needing to travel to Brisbane for blood tests for our upcoming fertility treatment, meant that I never had time to see her. I am grateful, that Grandma can now watch out for our Angel babies in heaven, and I hope that she will protect our little frozen embryo for our upcoming transfer. I’m sad though, our children will have no Great Grandparents on my side of the family. I wished Grandma could’ve had the opportunity to hold my babies. Grandma, rest in peace. No more suffering. No more pain.


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