Preparing for a FET

Well tomorrow is D-day, and I feel very nervous to say the least. Nervous and apprehensive, that this opportunity may be taken from us if our embryo doesn’t thaw successfully, and we’ll need to wait until September to do our next global cycle. So much time and hope is invested in this FET going ahead. I’m not exactly sure when the embryologist will take our little frosty fruit out to thaw, but I’ve been told no news is usually good news. I just wish I could be there to keep an eye on my future baby!

So today I have been busily preparing a few things for the FET tomorrow. Who would’ve thought such things would be needed.

Today I cleaned the house to avoid needing to do it after the FET, too much activity can raise body temperatures which is no good for precious embryos. I also gave my car a once over, it desperately needed a wash. Driving on a dirt road everyday to work meant it was filthy, and in no shape to drive to Brisbane today. It’s also booked in to go to the panel beater next week, so I didn’t want to have to worry about cleaning it after the transfer. I cleaned it using just a wet cloth for the inside, as I didn’t want any fragrance to be in the car after the transfer. Little embryos don’t like perfumes or strong scents. I will also remove the air freshener.

Today I also washed my hair, as I didn’t want it to smell too fragrant on the day of transfer. I applied moisturiser liberally after my morning shower, as I will not be able to wear creams or make-up tomorrow morning at the day hospital. And I enjoyed my last hot, steamy shower. After the transfer, it will be back to lukewarm showers. I will try and get to the shops to purchase some unscented soap to use too.

Today we also packed up to make the commute to Brisbane for tomorrow’s procedure. We have booked a motel to stay at this time, rather that staying with Troy’s Great Aunt like we usually do. We’ve tried to limit the amount of family we’ve told about the FET this time. I’d rather give them a surprise and tell them we’re pregnant than having to settle their curiosities and tell them it failed.

I’ve tried to eat lots of protein today, and will have a high protein breakfast tomorrow to hopefully fuel my body for the impending pregnancy that will develop over the next few weeks, and months! Today’s lunch also consisted of curry and turmeric, to eliminate any inflammation that may be evident from my remaining endometriosis, and hopefully assist in implantation in the coming days.

Over the last few days I’ve had bad tummy aches, so I have also supplemented my body with 2 probiotics a day rather than 1 to try and knock it on the head, and ensure my body is the healthiest possible for our little embryo. I’ve also kept up my rigorous routine of taking herbs and antioxidants to prepare my body.

Tonight I will have my pre-transfer Acupunture treatment, to help increase circulation to my uterus, and give my lining one last boost to thicken and plumpen. I also have another treatment booked within the hour after the transfer, tomorrow morning.

I know it sounds ridiculous having to organise and plan all this stuff, and someone who hasn’t travelled the infertility roller coaster would think I’m a crazy woman. But when you’ve invested so much time and money into achieving a pregnancy, you do everything in your power to ensure each transferred embryo is given the best chance possible to grow and thrive.


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