Decided to POAS this morning. I am 11dp2dt. And got this result.


It’s been a week since my last pregnyl injection. I don’t know whether to believe whether this is showing real HCG or leftover HCG from the Pregnyl. My clinic believes it could still be the Pregnyl, but what other explanation is there to have such late onset of OHSS symptoms? On previous occasions I have tested out the Pregnyl by doing a HPT each day, and by the 1 week mark, the HPT returns to nothingness. Negative. Nada. Zilch. Please let this be real. Please give us our Christmas miracle. I will retest tomorrow morning and hopefully it will get darker, which will mean it is indeed real HCG.


19 thoughts on “OMG

  1. g2the4thpower

    Omg this is fantastic and gives me so much hope for my next IVF where I planned to request an early transfer! Congrats to you!! That’s definitely not hcg and it’s also definitely not a weak second line!!

      1. danielle284 Post author

        All the best then! My very first cycle was cancelled due to none fertilising. It really is hard to deal with when that happens. I really hope 2015 is your year! X

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