Saturday’s HCG levels were 532. Well and truly pregnant. My clinic likes them at or above 100 at 14dp2dt. I won’t have another BT until 1 week time. Apparently standard practice at my clinic. But I am going to go to my GP tomorrow to get a BT and hopefully they may just rise.

I just have this feeling my levels won’t rise, as my pregnancy symptoms have disappeared and my POAS’s haven’t changed. Part of me wants to be excited, we’ve never had such high levels! Am I protecting myself too much? Is it just all in my head? The next week waiting isn’t going to be easy. I will pray that a miracle happens in the meantime.


12 thoughts on “532

  1. vtr87

    Like you said, well and truly pregnant! It’s scary, but it is wonderful! So glad you got great numbers, and looking forward to another great set at your next test! Now put the pee sticks down, those things are not worth the stress 🙂 *hugs*

  2. MrsPearce

    Dani, once over about 20 the poas don’t really change much, especially with levels that high! They won’t keep getting darker and darker but will plateau in colour. That number is so great, I am crossing absolutely everything for you! About your pregnancy symptoms too, i would get strong symptoms as soon as the HCG was produced in my body and then for a few weeks they would settle down completely. My theory is that your body responds to the initial production and then can “get used to” the hormone so symptoms settle again until the levels rise much higher… Just a theory.

  3. mevsinfertility

    532 is an excellent first beta! I know it’s hard to be hopeful after so much loss and disappointment, and when you feel your symptoms have tapered off. I hope the next beta rises appropriately and that you are able to have moments of hope. I’ll be thinking about you!


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