Maybe Miracles Do Exist!

Maybe miracles do exist!! And god has listened to our prayers. And my angel babies and Grandma are watching over me.

I got my bloods taken yesterday at my GP to check on levels since the clinic won’t redo them until Monday.

HCG was 1670 at 18dp2dt and progesterone was 958!! According to this beaut calculator, my levels have doubled spot on, can’t believe it! Troy has been calling me a “Yummy Mummy”, but I still can’t help but feel like we can’t get excited just yet, until the third blood test on Monday. Keep growing little one. You’ve proven already just how strong you are.



13 thoughts on “Maybe Miracles Do Exist!

    1. danielle284 Post author

      I thought 957 for progrsterone sounded strange, but its apparently right, it was 782 on Saturday! I actually haven’t felt sick at all, just bloated! Hope its an ok level. :S


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