My HCG levels have risen from 15 490 last Monday to 62300 this Monday. My clinic were more than happy with that rise. The question remains, why did I bleed and pass clots over the weekend? Did I miscarry one baby? Are they both still okay? The question remains unknown until next Monday when I can have a scan with my FS. My GP didn’t seem interested in rescanning since my levels have risen. The wait continues! I will have a repeat HCG on Thursday to make sure levels are still rising. Given the levels are getting quite high now, I have read the HCG tests will soon become an inaccurate guide as the doubling rate begins to slow. I don’t want to waste away the last week of my holidays, but come on Monday!

I have continued the bed rest given the spotting still continues, and am
beginning to consider whether I should go back to work at all. I have a few very high needs, undiagnosed children in my class this year who will be challenging physically, so don’t want that to risk this pregnancy further. So much to think about and hopefully next weeks scan will confirm good news.

15 thoughts on “Update

      1. ksquared0710

        Not until 8 weeks. I thought I had the flu it was so bad. I took Diclegis which helped but everytime I stopped it I realized it was a horrible idea until that 16 week mark.

      2. danielle284 Post author

        Thanks for sharing!!! That gives me hope that I still have a few more weeks up my sleeve to possibly get MS!! So glad its eased for you now though 🙂

  1. MrsPearce

    Thats great news!! Thank you for updating i was so anxious for you. If your work would be okay with you taking time off I probably would. Would your gp write you a sick note?

    1. danielle284 Post author

      Thankyou Annika- you’re so thoughtful. I am going to see what my FS thinks next week & go from there. I don’t have much sick leave left (I used a fait bit to do IVF last year) but may be able to use some long service leave. Hopefully my boss will be ok with it! I really don’t want to risk anything.

      1. MrsPearce

        I went on light duties (office work) for the first twelve weeks because of bleeding. It also made me feel like i was doing something to help the pregnancy.

  2. vtr87

    Definitely great news! Most commonly in twin pregnancies when one baby doesn’t make it the numbers stall or fall then bounce back- with your numbers rising so great I think you honestly just have a bit of bleeding- it can be so, SO common! Try not to stress yourself out unnecessarily- keep your mindset in the positive, you are pregnant- you saw two beautiful babies tucked safely away and your labs indicate all is well. Its a scary time, but you need to stay positive for your well being and theirs!! Praying for you hun, for peace of mind and peace of belly 🙂

      1. MrsPearce

        Oh thank goodness!! Ive been worried all day and kelt updating my reader haha. So so so happy for you! Xo

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