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We’re Having 2 Babies


On Monday, I finally got to see my fertility specialist. He re-scanned me, and to our delight, at 7w 3d there were still 2 healthy babies, with 2 strong heartbeats. They both measured 7w 5d, 2 days ahead. He said it was great that they both measured the same size, as this can be a complication in some twin pregnancies. He reassured me the spotting is definitely an old bleed. If I had a bleed of say 30-40ml, then only 1-2ml may only be coming away per day, so it’ll take a while to completely stop. He seemed to think I was towards the end though. He didn’t even measure their heartbeat rate, I guess he was confident they were good and strong. We go back in 2 weeks for another repeat scan. Our FS congratulated us and encouraged us for keeping the faith in finally being able to achieve this end result. Although Monday’s scan makes things more definite, I am still so unsure and terrified to keep this pregnancy. I want to be excited, but am finding I am still so cautious. Oh how I would love to be naive about pregnancy and not have a single worry! I love our babies more than anything, I really hope they continue to grow and stay with us. I’ve been reminding myself, that my last 2 miscarriages, I never experienced any bleeding prior to the miscarry, so the fact that I am still spotting in this pregnancy is a good sign that all is hopefully well. I am to stop taking the aspirin and prednisone now, which I’m a little unsure about, but as my FS said, they’ve healthily implanted so I don’t need them anymore. So for now, we are we’re having 2 babies! New due date being September 1. 💜 💚