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A Birthday Wish


Today was a special day. My darlings 30th birthday. He is the most incredible person I know. Hardworking, patient, supportive and loving. I cooked him a cooked breakfast consisting of his favourite- bacon, eggs, hash browns, baked beans and garlic butter mushrooms. I gave him a birthday card, which revealed to him the 2 clues to find his birthday presents. A subscription to Truckin’ Life and the DVD series Outback Truckers. It’s easy to see that the way to his heart is through food and after his 3 girls (myself and our 2 pets- Jemma the dog and Trixie the cat), he loves trucks!!!

We celebrated this milestone birthday a few weeks ago with family and friends at a combined Engagement/30th Birthday party, so we spent the day at home. He painted the spare bedroom- a chore we’ve been needing to cross of our to-do list. He is on holidays at the moment so it was the perfect opportunity to achieve this task. I cooked him his favourite meal for dinner accompanied by dessert- curried mince with roast vegetables, and caramel malteser ice-cream cake.

Turning 30- a milestone birthday. Most 30 year olds I know are:
a) happily married and/or
b)  have kids

While yes, we are happily engaged and soon to be married, I just wish I could have granted my darling the achievement of being a Dad by 30. Earlier in the year, it seemed this dream would be accomplished, but it was soon taken from us. It just means we now have a new goal to work towards now… Making him a Dad by his 31st birthday!!

I love you very much my handsome man!

My darling at the beach with our fur baby Jemma.

My darling at the beach with our fur baby Jemma.


Cutting his 30th birthday cake at the party.